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Hi Rick,

I hope you're still looking here as I'd like to ask a couple of questions with a view to purchase.

I bought a car without BT spec'd thinking that I would never need it however, since that time everyone seems to want to call me while driving so perhaps I overlooked it. I have no idea what BMW charge to install the OEM BT (I have the USB/Aux/iPod interface in the centre arm rest) but I bet it's expensive, I also looked at the BMW portable nav solution but have decided against it as the dashboard needs to be thanks.

I want BT to be as OEM as possible and for the sake of an extra 24 for that cable & mic which integrate into the OE interior light, I think I can justify it. I'd like to ask though, in the picture you have provided of it, it appears to have a 3.5mm headphone jack, where does this connect to? I am concerned that it will plug into the aux input in my glovebox which i consistently use to hook my iPhone up to and play music.

Secondly, I live in Surrey so I wonder if you'd know of any reputable Southern installers that could carry out the work?

Lastly, is any coding rquired?

Thanks & I look forward to hearing from you.

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