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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Light front wheel drive cars? Do Spec Miatae, Caterhams and race prepped E21's count? All are near or lighter than an Elise/Exige, and all had more inherent understeer than the Lotii or a Cayman. The Caterhams can certainly snap into oversteer in a hurry, but tend to naturally push.

The only front engine car I've driven that has the natural balance of a rear/mid engine car is the FD RX-7, but getting a piston motor to have that sort of rearward bias and low center of gravity isn't really feasible. The first gen S2000 was very close and had natural oversteer in lots of conditions, so hopefully the Toyobaru will at least be close to the feel of that car, but I doubt it, Toyota is far too cautious to put something out with natural oversteer, and every past Subaru product has had nearly terminal understeer.
I've been lurking in this thread for a while, since I'm seriously considering purchasing the FRS/BRZ as a replacement for my S2K as a track car.

I believe that any well balanced FR car can be made to behave and feel the way you want it to (either understeer, neutral, or oversteer) at the limit by suspension tuning, wheel/tire selection, and proper use of aero.

From all of the reviews we've see so far for the FRS/BRZ, it looks like the car has tons of potential and will definitely be a good base to start from. I don't think I'll be disappointed in making the switch.