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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Agreed, and I do find it a little odd that all of the show and test cars have had 215 A/S tires. I'd imagine some of this is to more easily expose the limits of the car to the journalists currently driving them, but if they come equipped this way, a quick tire change would probably be money well spent.

Good article, that confirms Prius tires(!?):
I'm not even sure if I'd want to swap out the tires for a higher grip compound. I'd have more fun with the lower limit, progressively sliding OEM kicks in most situations. If I owned this car, the tires would only be swapped out for a stickier set if I went at the engine and brakes to keep everything in line.

In the few years that I've owned my E92, I honestly had more fun in my hooning situations when I tried out the not-so-high-performance General Exclaim UHPs; getting the tail out required very little throttle and the speeds that it took place were far more sane than what the stock tires allow. The lack of grip did present some safety hazards and became occasionally frustrating, however.
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