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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Light front wheel drive cars? Do Spec Miatae, Caterhams and race prepped E21's count? All are near or lighter than an Elise/Exige, and all had more inherent understeer than the Lotii or a Cayman. The Caterhams can certainly snap into oversteer in a hurry, but tend to naturally push.
Elise/Exige they naturally understeer at the limit and with the Caterham you certainly can dictate its behaviour only with the throttle the problem is, as you say, they snap into oversteer in a hurry - not the most balanced of cars.

My Cayman (2.9L and 265hp) understeers heavily because it's underpowered - the chassis is so good that it could cope with a lot more power - and to make things worse it doesn't have LSD, therefore I can't dictate its behaviour only with the throttle I need to trail brake of left-foot brake in order to bring the nose into the corner.