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Originally Posted by GoingTooFast View Post
My Cayman (2.9L and 265hp) understeers heavily because it's underpowered - the chassis is so good that it could cope with a lot more power - and to make things worse it doesn't have LSD, therefore I can't dictate its behaviour only with the throttle I need to trail brake of left-foot brake in order to bring the nose into the corner.
Interesting, as the Exige I've driven had limited slip and actually tended to understeer more than the Elises without one. It could carry more speed and was certainly friendly on tires, but just roasting the inside tire seemed more effective for keeping the Elises pointed where you wanted. I do find that the Lotus would oversteer at the limit at speed, mainly due to the short wheelbase. They certainly do understeer at lower speeds and with the engine off boil though.

I do think that the Cayman/Boxster platform is more naturally balanced, and the power delivery is certainly more accessible than the Lotus.