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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
I hope you're right, but suspect you're putting too much faith in things. I had these feelings about the original 986 Boxster with the 2.5l, which oddly enough had 200 hp, ran a 6.9 0-60 weighed about the same as the 86 and had almost no ability to be steered with the throttle.

It took power upgrades to make it possible. Of course it also came with massively better tires than this thing is coming with, so perhaps there's hope in stock form. It will be interesting to see what tires Subaru uses, as they're already using different suspension tuning.
I hear what you are saying about the original Boxster, my brother has one, and I have tracked it a few times. It doesn't come with a LSD and most of the weight is on the back end, thus no ability to steer with the throttle.

I don't think a light weight car such as the FSR requires that much power in order to steer with the throttle, even with wider/much stickier tires. You won't have the power do be doing big smokey power oversteers, but you should still be able to steer with the throttle at the limit of adhesion, albeit at a much faster speed. I am able to do so in my s2k even with 255 NT01's all around.