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Felt i needed to reply back to this thread and share my experience thus far with the FIX OP suggested. This may shred some light on those that's frustrated with the situation as well.

Ok, so first things' first...before this fix
- i like the sound upfront (it's not like civic intakes where there's a loud deep sucking noise, what i get in mine under driving is a rather interesting whistling or higher pitched sucking noise)
- i like the way it changed the sound of my PE. definitely louder. There may be a slight drone now, but i can live wit it.
- i did not like the car's performance/behaviour under 3,000rpm. it was like driving a pig. Throttle response was terrible
- i did not like shift points where the RPM will land at 2k, it'll be unsmooth

I wanted to keep the intake real bad, so i took the final step of the FIX. I've went ahead and sourced the materials and modified the system so that the MAF now sit near the middle of the tubing. The damn solution worked! granted i've only put on approx 1000kms of use on it, but here's what i noticed
- pre-fix gas consumption : 13.8l/100km, post-fix 11.8l/100km (same driving...i rip the car alot)
- much improved throttle response
- much smoother gear change
- for some reason, the intake is louder. Maybe because the MAF is properly reading the air flow and all the mechanics are working together, yelling even better demand of air velocity

If you haven't heard a N52 engine with the PE and the intake, please check one out. I heard my fellow members' car and knew i had to get the setup. Something about a well tuned NA car's sound... IMHO, i find them much better sounding than turbo cars. Thanks OP for this post! I highly recommend this FIX, but becareful with proper sealing. Make sure you have good seals with proper gasket. Any leak will cause engine code and failure(you just need to restart the car).

As per video and dyno, it'll have to wait for spring/summer.

- 09 328i e92
- 6mt
- afe stage 2 intake (oil filter)
- PE
- software Tune (markd)

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