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When I was young and back in the days when a new employer didn't pay for my move, I rented a Penske truck. If I remember correctly their call center was somewhere in PA. Very rude, and nasty. Then the guy who did the walk around told me you see all the existing damage on the truck? You'll have to pay for it unless you take the damage waiver at some ridiculous price (like more than the rental itself). What they don't seem to realize is when the name is in big letters on the side of a 24' truck, and the people are all rude and nasty, the last thing I would do is buy a car from them. The founder is a 75 y.o. billionaire who has got no time for customers. No time. Unless something has changed, they don't even sell BMW extended warranties, they try to sell some aftermarket that costs just as much (more money in the founder's pockets). Hopefully those are 6 letters that nobody will ever see again.