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Originally Posted by MDiesel View Post

I had the same problem with bilstein PSS struts from day one (bought new), the installation was double checked and I also changed the upper strut mounts.

The problem was solved when I got them out and went back to original struts/springs so Im pretty sure the culprits were the bilstein struts.

What Ive experienced was clunking noise at very low speeds and when I lifted one corner of the car by hand (balancing it left to right).

It had also some kind of strut stiction because when I lifted, by hand, one corner of the car, the height of that corner didnt returned to the initial position (I measured 10-15 mm difference), the strut piston was sticking.

I think that there are other users that experienced the same problem.

Ive made a complaint to them and I got a refund.
Thanks for your sharing, I also suspect that its the struts causing the problem.