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"their inability to admit fault is going to make them liable for something" -- well I have experienced the same thing apparently.. I replaced my winshield 3 months ago in the dealer of Little rock, and it started to leaking water into the car recently (pain in the head) but when I took the car back to them, they just simply asked me a few questions and then came up with a statement that the "fact is there's nothing wrong with the winshield", it has to do with either sunroof leaking or maybe door window leaking, and they were not even willing to pull this car into examine if I am not willing to pay the labor, but.. really? Nothing wrong ever happened to other windows before I replaced the winshield, and I even let the local shop double checked my sunroof and door side windows, there shouldnt be anything wrong, so i guess the dealer was just trying to denied what they have not done properly with the winshield which perhaps caused the water leaked in my car ..
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