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I have a 2007 328xi coupe with navigation. About 3 months ago a rattle started within the dashboard. It's difficult to determine the precise location, but it only occurs when road vibration hits the right "note." (It sounds like screw vibrating on a tin plate). Shortly after I noticed this rattle, the navigation system began cutting out after a longer drives, between 60 - 90 minutes. It works fine during short drives around town (when I don't need it) Ejecting the the disc and re-inserting it does not help. Shutting the car off for a short period and turning it back on does not help either. The only thing that works is shutting the car off for an extended period. I don't know if the rattle and the navigation malfunction are related, but it is coincidental. I'm curious if others have had a similar problem with the navigation system and/or if anyone has suggestions on how to correct the problem. I am reluctant to tear into the dashboard as that may result in creating more rattles, but it would seem that I don't have a choice. My car is out of warranty.

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