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Originally Posted by iceraq View Post
thanks for your responses!

fyi ill be working right off of victoria station. Probably will want to live somewhere close to there as well.

Sounds like whether to buy or not will be something I wait on till I get settled in... no rush.

In the meantime, is it easy to get a UK driver's licence? I hear people fail several times
If you are an experienced driver, the test shouldn't be too much of an issue, but you are probably best driving on your US licence for a few weeks then booking a couple of lessons before you take the test with an approved instructor to ensure you are aware of any bad habits we all develop so that you can 'behave' during the test. You will also need to take the theory test before that which is a simple multi choice computer test that anyone with half a brain can pass after an evening reading the Highway Code.

Be aware that in the UK if you take a test in a car with an Automatic gear box, you will only be able to drive Auto cars (take the test on a manual and you can drive any car). I say this as I am aware that in the US Auto is far more common.

Re the earlier car club thing. I don't live in London so can't recommend one, but I see a subsequent poster has given some suggestions. There are two types of club, those suggested that provide a BMW 118 or similar. Also 'enthusiast' clubs where you pay for credits to have more 'exotic' wheels. I don't know your financial status so can't say if that would be for you, but it is a way of enjoying the benefits of a very nice car without the cost and worry of ownership or the excessive cost of a Hertz or similar performance hire. This is the sort of thing I mean