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BMW E28 M5 CSL Custom Build

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Im new to this forum, and thought it would be a good place to publish the car we have been building for some time.

Since the E9 3.0 CSL is possible to buy, we didnt choose that easy path when it was time to build our new race car...

First, we retired the E28 M535i we used to run in the racing series.

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And then we bought in a scrappy old 528i to experiment with...

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Once it was welded to the wanted shape, we made molds of it, and scrapped it out. Molds and other items seen here.

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Then we stripped down the M535i and prepared a S38B38 Evolution engine for the new car...

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Said and done, we made some new fenders in the molds, and put them on to the car to see what we had created...

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BBS wheels for rain and for dry was invested and stored.

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Off to the paint shop, and back it came...

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Some assembly time later it looked like this...

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And next to a stock M535i it looks like this...

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And when all is put together and the colour scheme was completed, it made its first apearence in the race!

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The car has been struggeling with some strange problems all season and didnt perform any results to brag about so far. Once all problems seemed sorted out, a new one came, and this time it was a hard one to find... Fuel hoses that wont stand the high octane race fuel and therefore melting slowly inside, rubber parts get stuck in the fuel injectors and the car runs lean and wont rev up as it should.
Jegs has now shipped a better hose and we look forward to the next (final) race that takes place in October 10.

The rear doors are welded in place and wont open unless Hulk Hogan manages to find the handle...

I will try to publish some technical specification if its for anyones interest.

And regarding the photoshoot with a real CSL, it has already been made...

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The rear doors are totally cut out and its just a frame holding a fibre glass door sill in place, almost no metal left at all, all windows are of 3mm lexan plastic and all bodypanels are of composite materials, suspension and chassie mainly of aluminum.

There is however at least another 50 kg (150 lbs) more to reduce and it will be made in near future.

The front wings are about 2-3mm thick and very light, and equipped with the M5 E60 vents, in true CSL Batmobile style

Wheels are BBS RS 3-piece 11x16" in front and 12,5x16" in the rear. Light and beautiful.

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Ok, i guess its time to write some technical information about the car, if you dont mind.

Some short and basic information:

Body: BMW E28 w/o sunroof, rebuilt to coupé, extended FIA safety rollcage, raceweight aprox ~1100kg with driver. Vented body - 200mm (8") wider in rear, 160mm (6.3") wider in front.
Engine: BMW S38B38 (6-cyl 3.8l-24v 365hk/8000rpm)
Gearbox: Getrag 260, shortshifted 5-speed.
Final drive: BMW M3 Group A limited slip, 4 different gear ratios available.
Front brakes: 6-piston aluminum calipers, 330mm (13") rotors.
Rear brakes: 4-piston aluminum calipers, 303mm (12") rotors.
Wheels front: 10x17” BBS (rain), 10.5x16” BBS (slick).
Wheels rear: 12x17” BBS (rain), 13x16” BBS (slick).
Tires front: 275-17” rain, 11,0-23,5-16” slick.
Tires rear: 335-17” rain, 12,5-25-16” slicks.
Chassie / suspension front: BMW Motorsport/Schnitzer 635CSi Grp.A. Suspension arms extended to allow more aggressive settings, wheelbase extended by 40 mm (1.6"), and track width extended by 80mm (3.1").
Chassie / suspension rear: BMW Motorsport/Schnitzer 635CSi Grp.A, Suspension arms fully adjustable for camber/caster and toe. Reinforced A-arms and all stiff mounted joints, no rubber in attachement points.

A lot of the spec is similar to the E9 3.5 CSL when it comes to tire dimensions and type, spring setting is also similar to the ancient race car, shock settings are similar to the classic E24 635 factory racers and the data has been partly collected from BMW Motorsport, Germany.
The rollcage is a copy of the one used for 1982 ETCC winner BMW 528i E28 once the aluminum cage was cancelled.

There is a lot more to write, but this is what comes to mind at this point. Let me know what you need information about, and I will be hapy to provide you all with it.

Attaching a pic that was taken for a car magazine a few weeks ago.

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