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Originally Posted by Year's_End View Post
Been using this for about three weeks now. Noticed rapid initial weight loss and am still losing weight at a steady and consistent pace. Of course, I'm also in a cutting phase so my overall caloric intake is significantly lower than it was, so the weight loss isn't a surprise, but I'm definitely noticing quicker results than I'm used to. I've experienced elevated heart rates and a more energized feeling, much like any stimulant gives me, but it feels sustained and controlled.

Anybody have any experience with these types of products? Did they work for you, or is it all bullshit?

Would also like to know if anybody's tried out Clenbuterol (clen) before.
Not too sure about the OxyElite, but I have used clen on a couple occassions. It works great, but it has quite a bit of sides (not good for your heart, muscle cramping, shakey hands) that are not so great and kinda make it not worth it. Just continue to cut calories, add some early moring cardio on an empty stomach and you will see some great results.

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