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Thumbs down VOB BMW in rockville MD SUCKS!!

So today was terrible for me. I went to pick up my bmw 328ci from the dealership after 7 days to get the radio and seatbelt arm repaired. When I got in the car I noticed that the odometer read 181 miles more than when I left it there. I even have a picture of my dashboard right when I dropped off the car. So even after this hard evidence, they claim that it could be the digital key reading the mileage incorrectly which is bs because I have a picture of the odometer and their paperwork also matches the mileage from my picture. The district manager even came in with a piece of paper with the mileage in kilometers and incorrectly converted it to miles to show that the mileage wasn't that high. After i used my iphone to convert it correctly and even did it on google, he finally stopped trying to treat me like a fool. On top of that I noticed scratches on the front bumper that were definitely not there when i dropped it off. I can't stand that dealerships won't treat their customers correctly. So now they have agreed to fix the scratches but they offered me $1000 towards the purchase of an extended warranty. Why the hell would I want to give them more money to purchase an extended warranty that I'm not interested in purchasing. I would much rather have either cash or have them give me the warranty instead of forcing me to spend money to buy one. All I really want is for them to admit that it actually happened and to compensate me fairly for it. The thing that pisses me off the most is that they keep denying it and claiming that they are offering me the fix and warranty discount in "good faith" since i am a "loyal customer". I am a fair and reasonable person, but this is just ridiculous and they need to treat their customers appropriately. These car dealers are such d-bags and I think they should get whats coming to them. I have no power to do anything so I'm hoping this story will at least help people prevent this from happening and to hurt the reputation of one of the worst dealerships I've ever used. I know many people have said it before but VOB BMW in Rockville MD is the worst dealership around!! Does anyone have any suggestions about what I should do? What to ask for compensation? Should I contact a lawyer? I may even contact the police because it seems like a crime to me.