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There is a few things you must do to get the OEM Lights to work. Coding is one part, but you need to do some modifications to the OEM headlights (small wiring)

1) Wiring Modifications:

Wiring needs to be done because the negative pin used on the xenon lights, is not in the same spot as the halogen headlight.

Your Lowbeam xenons are not turning on because there is no complete circuit (aftermarket headlights don't have this issue cause the lights are built usign the same pin configuration for a halogen setup. Either way, the mod is soo simple to do and worth it with OEM lights.

Some members have done a great job setting up a DIY for this part. All credit goes to them for getting all the wiring information:

There is 2 ways of doing this part. The first way is doing the modifications outside of the headlights.
Take a look at this DIY:

The second was is to mod the wires internally in the headlight (the way I wanted to do it so it keeps things hidden and clean).

I lost my DIY pm (with pictures) for this part, but I can explain it.
-Look in the headlight.
- Look for the yellow and black wire that leads to the ballast
-locate the brown wire that located on your high beam.
-Using a butt connector, connect the black and brown wire together (be sure to connect them closest to the headlight connector so you have some slack when you need to replace the bulbs

That is pretty much it. If you want to get yout xenon highbeam working, please follow the link above and read the section of enabling the bi-xenon feature. Make sure your halogen high beam is not set to DRL mode (code it off or change it to your AE).

That is what is required for wiring modifications.

2) Coding Car
Install the xenon headlights and then proceed with coding your car.

Here is another DIY if you need it:

If you do decide to do the bi-xenon feature (xenon high beam), make sure you code the PWM_ANST_FL_BIXENON lines according to the DIY.

This will allow you to get your highbeams back when you do the conversion.

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