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I was wondering if any of you 335is owners can help me? I'm thinking of buying a 335is. My question is has the HPFP issue finally been resolved? Is there reliability issues with the N54 engine in the 335is? I test drove the car today and loved it! My only concerns is the reliability issues with the engine. I have been driving a 330i ZHP for the last 8 years with no problems. It's been a great car for me. I don't want to trade in a car I love and be cursing the 335is if it has HPFP problems. Thanks for your help.
My 335is is almost fully modded. pushed everyday. Stock psi is 8, I have almost 18. I push it hard, day n night. 23k miles. No problems. Im not 100% sure what cause the hpfp problem but i believe its due to cheap gas? I put shell V-power 93 everyday. Only problem is that the DCT 7-speed can only handle up to soo much power. Stock is fine. beautiful tranny. BUT exceed over 400hp and you will have slight problems. lag is 1. Its a great car but personaly me. I'd mess with an N55.
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