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Sorry I wasn't clear, by VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) I actually meant DSC (Dynamic Stability Control).

VDC is activated on the car by default. By pushing the VDC button on the dash the car will enter VTC mode which is similar but allows more wheelspin. Holding the VDC button for 5 sec. will deactivate VTC and VDC.

Which wheels power the car by default when there is no wheel slippage in an X-drive car?

How does the X-drive system sense how to distribute power between the front and rear axles?

How does VDC and VTC affect the X-drive system?

How does de-activating VDC/VTC affect the X-drive system?

I want to believe:
-When there is no wheel slippage X-drive behaves similar to a RWD car (100% power to rear wheels, all the time)
-When VDC/VTC are turned off the car will drive 100% rear wheels only by default regardless of wheelspin

..but I believe with xDrive in the middle it's more complicated than that.

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