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Originally Posted by Jeff@topgearsolutions View Post
I was hopeful of other singles, like single ladies.... I guess ya'll missed my joke

Vas is right though, making of the exhaust manifold and slapping on a turbo is not the hard part of this car. It is getting the tuning down and the fueling.

My intention is not to discredit the people actually making these setups as it still is a time consuming/labor intensive task to fabricate/engineer ETC

However the main prize is who can make the good power on pump gas first at a fair value. Vishnu should have a one up on everyone in my personal opinion, but I'd be inclined to see what others can do.
I got it lol... that's what why I provided 5 options; unfortunately I am sure they are all dudes.

And yes; I fully agree with the pump gas statement... 500 WHP on pump 93 without meth at low boost.
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