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Originally Posted by fullofquestions View Post
Thank you very much for the brief and resoundingly confident response. Let me get this straight. If I undo the current installation (as per the install instructions in the link I provided earlier), removing the ballast, wiring harness and bulb, and simply replace it with the OEM bulbs, as per the DYI, I should be back in business? Any codes to reset?
The only thing I am unsure of is that I didn't see in my setup a plug that looks like the one on the fifth picture from the top, see here:

I just want to make sure that I have all the parts I need so I don't have to take things apart just to put them back together.

One more question. The left headlight is the one that usually goes dim or out although the right one has gone out as well. Would you still say that the left ballast is shot? It sounds like this setup was kind of crappy. Do these kinds of things work for a little bit and then konk out?

Thanks a ton.

p.s. Now that we are on the subject, where do you get the best deal on oem headlights? The dealer quoted me $47.25 per bulb...
Yes. That's assuming the previous owner didn't do any coding to the car, which I'm pretty sure of since your ballast is failing. But from the sound of it, the previous owner hacked up the wiring. He may have cut the plug out to install the HID kit.

The reason why the ballast are intermittently working in your car is because the oem halogen bulbs are manipulated with a PWM, Pulse Width Modulation, signal. This signal will kill HID ballasts because a PWM signal outputs a square wave.....basically, it turns the light on and off very rapidly. So fast you cannot see it. But the ballast will and the components are seeing constant fluctuations in voltage. That's why they may flicker or go out.....because there isn't a constant voltage. If you code your car to xenon, it will remove this PWM signal and allow you to run the HID kit.

Check You can also try for aftermarket stuff. Like say if you want a pure white color instead of a yellowish color. You would get 5000k bulbs in whatever size your OEM socket is....if you call them, they will assist you in choosing the right size. or you can search on here for the correct size....I'm not sure of it.