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Originally Posted by ndog14 View Post
Torque is not as valueable on certain tracks. Depending on the corner, you may shift down into the powerband of a car or you'll be at the low end of a gear.

What track are you at? That should help clarify the answer sooner than just comparing the cars.

I have been to a few different tracks with different cars but the first track Ive been to with the 335 is Buttonwillow Raceway. As I look at the pictures of my car on the track compared to others I see that it displays more body roll. Maybe for my needs it would be best to start with an upgraded M3 suspension (sway bars, bushings, control arms, etc...). Power isn't what I'm really looking for, its more about driveability. I also wish I could turn off active steering while at the track. Hmmmm, my wishlist is getting a bit bigger.

Maybe it would be best to just keep my car on the street and get a 350z or some other type of car I can destroy at the track.... all these choices!

I do agree with the comment about the higher maint & insurance fees for the M3. Those do play a factor in my decision as well.