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Originally Posted by BMW Fanatic View Post
Cos assuming by how the car looks one would assume everything is fully functional from brakes to front lip etc, however, 19's aren't exactly optimal from the track and also considering that a 380mm Brembo kit fits the 18's I don't know why he went for the extra inch.

Originally Posted by BMW Fanatic View Post
Oh boy, here we go. The 18 versus 19 inch optimal argument again.

What is the argument. Weight? People always assume that 19" is bigger than 18", so it's automatically heavier? Assuming that total rolling diameter is equal, when you get a bigger wheel with a smaller tire versus a smaller wheel with a bigger tire, people tend to forget to weigh the total package of wheel+tire+air, and just say bigger is worse. You can argue that the weight added is negligible, and fine, but people on this forum argue for a wheel's superiority through negligible amounts of wheel weight anyways. I won't buy it until someone does a back-to-back comparison of the same wheel and same tire with the same total overall diameter inflated to the same PSI weighed back-to-back. Everyone on this forum thinks that they are a F1 driver, where 0.1 lbs from their wheel will shave them half a second lap time. I've never seen so many Sennas in one place in my life.

People say that 19" is way too big, but a 18" on a 275/40/18 has a total diameter of 585.2mm, whereas a 19" on a 275/35/18 has a total diameter of 578.85mm theoretically. These are the sizes that I see people run at the track.

I guess I could also throw out the lame "Oh BMW uses it OEM on competition so it must work" argument too. Also, 19" setup's sidewall will have less flex than an 18"'s setup under load.

Anyways, my apologies for going off-topic, I won't post another tirade. I wasn't the one to first go off topic though.

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