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Originally Posted by 808@702 View Post
I cant figure this division out. This weekend Redskins beat Giants (good) and Eagles beat Jets (bad). Dallas looks like two different teams every game, and the Eagles can still make the playoffs. Who is going to win this division? It doesnt matter, whoever does will lose in the first round...
first, i should preface by saying that i'm a cowboys fan. while i recognize that this is the cowboys' to lose, i expect them to somehow fuck it up. not that they'll last long if they wind up winning the division. cowboys are a perfect example of having all the right pieces (except a QB that doesn't like to choke) with no leadership or coaching. the fact that they are even in the race to win this division is a testament to how shitty the east is this year. i don't think any of the teams deserve to be in the playoffs, quite frankly. but if i were to place a money bet on the winner of the division, i would probably bet safe with the giants. no kidding. that's how little confidence i have in the cowboys.