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While taking lunch today I decided to look at the setup in order to 'map out' the uninstall. In doing so, I noticed that part of the wiring for the right headlight, in particular part of the wiring from the negative terminal, suffered some sort of damage. In the accompanying images you can see that part of the wiring either got frayed and then burned a bit or something. It had some electrical tape around it but it was coming off... In the background you can see that to the right is the ballast and the frayed cable goes through this bronze looking block at the bottom and center of the picture (what is that by the way?).

I might as well try to patch this up as best as possible and see how it goes. Do you guys have any suggestions? I'm also curious to know if I should unplug the negative terminal of the battery; I'm not clear when I should be careful to unplug the battery...

Thanks in advance for all of your help.