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Originally Posted by Jeff@topgearsolutions View Post
Ah very interesting. Learn something new every day.

I thought you had a rev 2.5 though?
I do have the rev 2.5. What does that have to do with it? I am on the PPS kit still and I hope the voltage reading for meth flow hasnt changed since Shiv PROMISED that it would still be supported...If something changed bro, I am going to flip out..Not cool but I will wait and see because I just paid to expedite the new flow sensor to be delivered by Thursday...Want this Shieet working already.. I am so sick of flow sensors these days and this new one better be the one that last or else I am going to go nuts..

As per Enrita post:

Originally Posted by enrita View Post
ok got an update from Jeff Howerton:
The green wire changes the mapping of the .5 to 4.5v signal coming out of the flow sensor. If you ground the green wire, it will be on the most sensitive map. Leaving the green wire un-connected will enable the middle map. Connecting the green wire to 12v, will enable the highest flow map, which should be about 4.5V for 1500cc.

To get an exact mapping for the flowsensor in your system you would need to flow it into a container for a few flow rates and get exact mapping for the cc/volt output.

Which piggyback are you using? Shiv's or Terry's? I know Shiv had some of the inputs capped at 2.5V and that caused some issues reading normal 0-5v sensors.

So basically for the Procede I need to connect the green wire to the 12V power to get the highest flow setting (and read lower) :-) will try this tomorrow.