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Enrita quoted:

Originally Posted by enrita View Post
i have connected the green with red on the aquamist. It is still reading high.
54 on nozzle 1 and 72 with both nozzles.
I have set procede to 50 and no more overflow codes. Its winter anyway now so wont be using meth anymore till spring.

Howerton replied thats the best the unit can do:
With this model, this is the best we can do. It's unfortunate that Shiv has not changed a software setting to make this work better for the users, as he told us in the past he would.

We could put a small voltage divider on the signal wire to cut the voltage if need be.
Looks as though it still reads high but its enough not to trigger the overflow detection..I could give a rats ass if it read high at this point as long as it is functional and doesnt crap out like the rest of the junk that I had...This is another prime example of Shiv not coming through, and I hope he does come through because this is ridiculous if it doesnt work...I have spent over 600 bucks on these Freaking flow sensors...From crappy, to crap to hopefully less crap!

159 for the crappy shit ass Labonte unit, 192 for the crap heat useless Snow Performance, 60 bucks for older Aquamist flow sensor (my fault from not researching and impulse buy) and 195 for latest and greatest Aquamist unit