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Originally Posted by naamanf View Post
I have the EPS stereo, but it was a straight swap. I never tried them with the stock amp, but with the JL I thought it definitely improved the lower end. I still felt a bit more was needed, I'm not a base head, just felt it was missing a bit. It also needs some eq work but I imagine it would be a bit different with the Logic 7.
I'd love to swap my amp out for something else, but doing so with the Logic 7 system is a lot more difficult as I would lose my center speaker, and the connection from the head unit to the amp is fiber optic and already split for 7 channel audio. The amp powers the subs as well as the midbass/mids/highs.

I don't know the specs of the stock Logic7 amp and which subwoofers would pair well with it.