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My buddy and I had a look at the setup after I repaired the frayed cable for the right low beam. I turned on the car and immediately turned on the low beams. The left low beam is working just fine although the right one is not. Furthermore, the resistor is getting pretty hot after just a minute. I have a fairly high threshold for heat pain and I can tell you that I could not touch the resistor for longer than 2-3 seconds before it started to hurt.

When I get home tonight my plan is to test the current from the harness red and black connections and also at both ends of the resistor. My take is that, since this is running off the 20 amp fuse, I would expect there to be about a 10 amp current running through each low beam. Can anyone comment on what the expectation should be (current, voltage, etc)?
Just how hot should the resistors get? I think I now understand why these types of setups are illegal.