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So I am back and have begun making purchases, and in my time since my first inquiries of the board and from VP Electricity, I have spoken with some friends about it and I have more connections than I thought for mobile electronics.

With that said, I purchased a set of Kicker SSMB8's for $165. My other option was having my friend from Germany import the Jehnert XE-200s with spacers already, which would have cost $420 + shipping from Germany. Naturally, I went with the Kicker's as I am hoping there will not be a $300 difference to me. Input is welcome.

I am now trying to determine which amp to settle on. I am only looking to power the front L/R and the underseat mid-bass drivers, so 4 channels. I plan to not power the rear channels at all, so settling on a 4-channel amp is fine with me. However, the options I am honing in on are both by JL, XD600/6 and XD400/4. I can get the 600/6 for about $300-$320, and the 400/4 for about $270, so to me it makes no sense to get the 400/4, and I get an extra 200w to send to the SSMB8's for just ~$50 more on the 600/6. I am welcome to any input on this, as well as other amp suggestions (with rationale on why it would be a better choice, and at what price you think that amp should run).

And finally, speakers for the front L/R. I am open to spending as much as getting the Hybrid Ovation II's ($420 eBay, have not inquired of my German friend just yet), however I have to wonder if they are overkill for the SSMB8's I am running with them, as well as the amp I choose. Should I just get a set of DLS or Rainbows instead? Thoughts? Specific models please!

Also, to Technic, VP Electricity, jtsherri, or others who commonly do adapters/fittings for these: I can't find the option to PM on this forum, so please contact me so that I may order an amp harness and speaker wiring adapters as well as speaker MDF/plastic/steel spacer adapters from you.


Oh, on a side note: I look to do a trunk/cargo area sub in the future and because of my car being the transport-mobile for the dog, I want it to be stealth. This points me to two spots: the under-carpet compartment or the left-side wall area. I have seen a sub installed in the left-side wall, however because that area is limited and doesn't have appropriate enclosure, that doesn't seem ideal. The under-carpet seems quite small to have a driver big enough to really feel over the SSMB8's right under by seat. Thoughts on this also appreciated.