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Damn, well first off I'm 18 years old. Im sure when you were 18 you did stupid ass things. 2nd off my volvo was not stock. And 3rd of all why are you people such Fucken dicks. I'm just sharing my story an what happend. Didn't know that was a crime. But I'm a little worried about the plates on there anyone out there nice enough to tell me how I can remove the pics of the volvo I'm new to this. Thanks guys.
Nah nah bro, you shouldn't shared your story. It's pretty offensive when someone on here hear storys like that. Go re-edit and take the street racing part off and continue on. You have a beautiful and power car my friend. I've been into 4 accidents with my first brand new 2009 E92 335i in less than 10 monthes. car was total under 3000 miles on the dash. I learned my lesson and bump up in life with the 335is. I've owned this car for a year and 2 monthes now with 0. I said ZERO accidents bro. Most people at our age couldn't even afford this car. I got my 09 335i at 18. im 21 now. Don't worry about them man. Just erase that one part and move on and check around dude. Who knows, you might have one of the baddest car on this thread in a few monthes or year haha. goodluck man!
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My life is complete. Yodaime has commented on a post with my car in it.