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Originally Posted by ctu11y View Post
haha wow..havent seen this one yet..and yeah op cool story...

coming on here and bragging of your illegal activities, i.e. street racing on a "main road", running from the police...etc etc..will not get you ANYWHERE. We dont care how cool you think you are because you raced a f'ing z28..people like you should have your license revoked, and car smashed into pieces in front of them. People like you make me sick because you are putting everyone else on the road at risk. Thank god no one else was hurt in this incident..who cares if you are rolling dirty like Larry Flynt for the rest of your life, serves you right. Get a life brah.

oh god , your one of these people who in their lifetime never raced a single car, nor prob fed from the police, stop trying to be an internet god (it proves nothing)... but nice car op