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Originally Posted by OliH View Post
Still not getting you - How do you work out late 12's 0-100, does it take a whole second to get to 102MPH, from 100MPH - I think not. Like I already said your 0-100 was more than likely 13.5 ish

but you do not know that?! and your right im only assuming, i was just going off other peoples times where other cars have taken between 0.5-1.0 sec to travel a few mph at that speed, a merci lp640 will travel 2mph in 0.2 sec but will a 335d? at 100 mph

but i beleive i could have done a mid 13 and if i had then i would have definately done a late 12 to the ton!

the 335d is a 13 sec car standard, between 13.5-13.9! just wish i had carried on to get that 13.5:rocks:

after a re-map, on a good day it with a good driver it i think could do a high 12!!!

the day i went to the pod, i beat a M3 csl, he prob couldn drive it but says something about the 335d, and what does the csl do to the ton again i forgot..

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