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Originally Posted by B-737 View Post
coming from a Jehnert user, i agree

my installer begged me to wait and im glad i took his advice because i feel like the car does not need a trunk sub after driving and tuning the XE200's properly.
Thanks for your input about the Jehnerts, however I already bought the Kicker SSMB8s. Do you think that my experience will be the same, as in "wow, these sound great as is, and I'm glad I didn't shell out for a trunk sub!" ????

Still hoping for input about which 4 or 6 channel amp to go with instead of a JL XD400/4 or XD600/6, as well as input about best bang for buck door speakers/tweeters to optimally pair with SSMB8s, as well as whether Morel Hybrid Ovation IIs would be overkill for the mid-range amp I will likely pair the speakers to.

Also, Technic, jtsherri, or VP Electricity: Please contact me so we can establish pricing for adapters and harnesses for what I will be buying! Thanks!