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Originally Posted by axis View Post
Update on the half engine light.. It seems to be gone now. The way I got it to go away, however, was pure luck. What I did was put the key in dash, and pressed the start button without holding the brake to turn on the ignition. Then I pressed and held the gas pedal down for about 30 seconds, released it, then pressed the brake down and pressed start again to turn the car on. The light didn't come on. I turned it off, then restarted it again and still the light did not return. My reasoning for trying that was because I thought maybe since I reset the adaptation that the car didn't know what the limits of the throttle pedal were anymore. Not sure if that's what it was or what but the light hasn't come back since. I still can't access the DME/DDE for clearing adaptations anymore but for now I'm just not going to worry about it.
what you did here is also a way to reset the throttle adaptation (apparently)

so might have done the trick