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(OP drives to girlfriends house)
OP: Hey baby, how are you?
GF: Im good
(OP starts driving down the road and see's a faster car than his, but figures since he has tinted tail lights maybe the camaro driver will get scared and wont race him so that he could impress his girlfriend)
OP: Watch this,
(OP guns it hoping to perform the famous ricer fly by, camaro sees him coming and stops his pull, camaro then sees a turn coming up and brakes, op wants to show his gf that hes the man so he keeps going, takes the turn but his pos volvo cant handle it and smashes into median)
GF: You fail at life
(gf calls herself a cab and leaves op by himself in his smashed up pos)

OP then posted story on volvo forums, but when he mentioned that he got a 335i to replace his volvo they flamed him so he came here and well, he got flamed.

Within the next 6 months op will most probably smash his 335i and then he'll be on the audi forum, How I went from a 335i to A4 2.0T Sline(with tinted tails)