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After ordering the new unit and speaking with Shiv about what to do with the wiring, it finally works! He suggested to use a voltage divider to the flow wire of the Procede to reduce the voltage...Essentially it drops the voltage in half by using a 2.2k resistor and 1k resistor. My flow is showing a steady 21 right now using a M10 nozzle. I have yet to use the other meth power nozzle that triggers with Nitrous, but Shiv said it should work and show flow somewhere around
30-35 and still not induce a overflow fault in the Procede...I was beating the crap out of the car and inducing the car to go off and on meth, and each time the sensor kept reading perfectly on que! Unlike the Snow unit when the car hit around 250 oil temps it would not function at all till car cooled down, but then again sometimes the engine wasnt that hot and it still crapped out, so I am not sure why its not working all the time...Again this could be where my location was before, I am not sure...Either way I was checking out the engine bay to see if I can relocate the SP unit and there is hardly anywhere I could think of to install this big flow sensor..I found one location all the way at the back of the engine bay near the firewall, but a custom bracket would have to be fabricated. Since I alreaAdy bought the Aquamist unit, I was determined to get it working...Now its fully functional and the size of it made it so easy to install almost anywhere in the engine bay. Compression fittings FTW!
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