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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
but you do not know that?! and your right im only assuming, i was just going off other peoples times where other cars have taken between 0.5-1.0 sec to travel a few mph at that speed, a merci lp640 will travel 2mph in 0.2 sec but will a 335d? at 100 mph

but i beleive i could have done a mid 13 and if i had then i would have definately done a late 12 to the ton!

the 335d is a 13 sec car standard, between 13.5-13.9! just wish i had carried on to get that 13.5:rocks:

after a re-map, on a good day it with a good driver it i think could do a high 12!!!

the day i went to the pod, i beat a M3 csl, he prob couldn drive it but says something about the 335d, and what does the csl do to the ton again i forgot..

So you are guessing then. On a 335d, to go from 100 to 102mph, will take no more than .5 of a second, you should know, youre the one always doing over 100mph. Ive only had one on a demo for a couple of weeks and I know how quick it will cover ground, especialy with the amount of torque it has.

But as has been said before its not hard to launch an auto 335D, where as to launch a CSL will take a lot of hard work, but when you get it right it will anialate most things. Well done for beating it thogh, but on another day it will beat you