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OK, I did the flush and fill procedure, and everything went fine - a very easy job overall. However, once I've refilled the reservoir, turned the wheel to full lock positions about 8 times, and turned on the engine, there's a loud, god-awful noise coming from the steering, I assume the pump. When turned the engine off and checked the reservoir, there was still fluid in it, although it had gone down some, but the fluid in the reservoir is very frothy (i.e. it has lots of visible small bubbles). So, hoping the noise was just caused by air in the system, I topped up the reservoir, and turned the engine on again, but got the same noise.

I didn't see anyone else comment on this. Is this normal? I didn't have any issues with the job whatsoever - there are no leaks, the new crush washers went on just fine, etc. Any comments or ideas? I just topped it off again, and will try turning the engine on once more. Thanks.

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