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After topping it off again, and turning on the engine, it made the noise for just a few seconds, then quieted down. Whew! Must have just been some air trapped in the system. Took it for a spin around the block, and no noise, and the steering feels fine. The fluid did get very low, though - I measured 650 ml, and I drained the old fluid very thoroughly, turning it to one side, waiting until it stopped draining, turning it to the other side, etc., at least eight times. I didn't measure exactly how much of the new fluid I poured in, but there is very little left of the 1 liter can. I hope I didn't damage the pump by letting the fluid get so low. I like to pride myself on maintaining my cars very well, but I blew it on this one. Will pay closer attention from now on. I wonder how the fluid got so low... there are no signs of anything dripping on the garage floor, and the hoses look very dry. Maybe it was slightly under-filled at the factory, and it has just very slowly seeped out somehow. Anyone else experience this?