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nice cars!
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both look great!
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that is nice
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amazing rides
Thank you!

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O henry...

I remember that s5 at the revscene meet last summer...too sickkkk
Yup, that's the one. Cruised with E90post members to revscene lol

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Great choices! I can't believe it hasn't been asked yet but which is more un to drive?
Um there's good and bad points for both cars.. both are pretty boring to drive in stock form though If I was to point out some things that I can think of right now...

-S5 has better initial turn in. really good actually. (-2 static camber in front compared to -1 BMW camber)
-S5 has better stability (multi-link suspension of audi in front as opposed to strut type)
-S5 has better sound (v8 with awe exhaust. stock was unbelievably quiet in comparison)
-E92 has better steering feel (but audi isn't as bad as people say it is)
-E92 feels like it has more power when rolling (more torque, when I punch the S5 when rolling I can feel the difference. From standstill however s5 launches off faster because of NA engine. Timer shows S5 is slower still though to 100 kph. 5.4 seconds of 335i vs 5.7)

You can even see that s5 is a lot faster to around 40 but then slows down at higher speeds (80~100)

Yeah, yeah tuned people.. probably laughing at both.

-Grip depends on tires too much so can't compare
-S5 feels bigger when you sit down in drivers seat compared to e92. E92 feels compact

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Nice cars!!!
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Super cool
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Both cars very tastefully modded! Looks and sounds awesome
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nice cars
Thanks a lot