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Originally Posted by Shazmonkee View Post
It shouldn't come on randomly. It should come on when you're in Reverse, when you signal for a turn (not changing lanes), or when your steering wheel is turned, don't quote me on this one, I believe more than 15 degrees left/right
Ahh ok, I've noticed that they come on when I turn. I haven't noticed it when in reverse or when I have my turn signal on (I will proabbly experiment with it when I get off work today). It all makes sense now.

Originally Posted by NiVeDh View Post
There's a bit of confusion because in this case, cornering means turning... they come on when you turn.

The orange LED at the corner is called a sidemarker.
Thanks for the clarification, LOL. This whole time I thought cornering lights were the sidemarkers due to it's location.

Originally Posted by rollinstone157 View Post
Correct, that is when they come on. If you want to HID match the bulb, it's an H3 bulb.

I'd suggest a higher wattage bulb to compensate for the color coating on the bulb, like say, one of these bulbs:

They only use another 30 watts over the standard H3 bulb wattage (55-watts), and the bulbs don't stay on for very long, so I wouldn't worry about heat. If you're really worried, get one of their little mini ceramic wiring harnesses to help disperse the heat better around the factory connections.

And the orange light in the corner of your blinker is a sidemarker of sorts.

Any further questions, feel free to PM me or post here, and I'll try to get back to you quickly
Thanks for the input. I have D1S bulbs that are 6000K. Do they sell H3 bulbs in 6000K or only 5K / 7K? I would prefer to have them matching.