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Thumbs up ****** FREE CODING #2! - Vancouver - January 6th, Friday ******

For all those who missed the first coding session back in October I am hosting another session this time on January 6, 2012 (FRIDAY) and also another one on January 7, 2012 (SATURDAY).

The coding is free but donations are greatly appreciated. thank-you all the members who donated last time

Location: Futureshop Corner at Lansdowne Mall Parking Lot, Richmond

coding takes around 15 mins per person depending on the amount of codes done. In order to not have a line-up of people waiting to get coding done, I will split up this session into 3 time slots with a maximum of 4 people per time slot.

Time: Jan 6th , 2012

Possible coding options:
  1. Disable iDrive disclaimer
  2. Remove amber Side-markers
  3. Windows roll up with key fob
  4. Mirrors fold/unfold with key fob, CA
  5. Unlock doors when engine is turned off
  6. Eject Key when engine is turned off
  7. Customized Welcome Lights when you unlock car
  8. Seatbelt chime disable for driver, passenger, or both seats.
  9. Disable windows safety feature (window continues to roll up with door open)
  10. Disable door gong with key in slot
  11. Sunroof automatically closes from open/tilt with rain sensor
  12. Fogs on with high beam flash/on
  13. Follow Me Home lighting (2010+)
  14. Cluster lights always on
  15. deactivate DRLs
  16. DRL on/off menu in Idrive
  17. Angel Eyes as DRLs (07+)
  18. Rear fogs as brake lights
  19. Wiper cycle finishes when engine is turned off
  20. Digital speedometer in cluster
  21. Digital speedometer shows 'real' speed
  22. Efficient Dynamics Shift indicator (6MT ONLY)
  23. Alarm customization
  24. REST feature enable with "ALL" button (2010+)
  25. Euro Double Hazard Blinkers
  26. DVD Playback
  27. Disable bulb cold testing
  28. Auto light sensitivity adjustment Idrive/BC Stalk
  29. Engine Start without brake
  30. Fuel Stop suggestion in route guidance
  31. Headlight Washer disable
  32. Fuel reserve threshold from 1/4 to 1/8 (M cars)
  33. Instant MPG in cluster (M cars)

Sign-up List
*please choose only a maximum of 3 codes
*please state your model and model year and the 3 codes you've selected
eg// gaifaun E90 2010, 1,3,4

1) Bimmer B, 2008 E82, 2, 10, 3
2) Anson_1007 2007 e92, 4, 8, 9
3) Bcruskie 2007 E92, 3, 4, 11
4) litebulb 2009 E88, 4,8,31

1) eckoj, 2006 E90, 8, 18, 20
2) Kevin e90 2011 : 4,5,12

1) wkndwrrr, 2011, E82, 8,22,26
2) nurburgringbound 2007 E90, 3, 17, 19

Granted, by signing up, you are acknowledging I am not liable for any damage or injury caused as a result of coding. Rest assured, coding is safe and backups will be made to each car. See you guys there
I can help with Coding in Vancouver. PM me

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