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Originally Posted by ska325xi View Post
ok, listen to me......yellow is a sign of the column failing at anytime. Solid red is when you cant start the car and it needs to be towed away.
this happen to me and just like you i ignored the yellow warning when i still had my warranty...then warranty expired and the red signal came around 6 months later. I ended up paying $900 out of pocket to get it fixed

i would of DIY but my car was dead at work. it could be the battery getting old, but the column is going to fail eventually

Thanks for the reply. My vehicle is out of warranty for two years now and I had no chance to replace anything under warranty as I purchased the vehicle used just after the wty period expired.

At the beginning of his DIY post, yakev said:
if you are due for a new battery, hold off on this procedure until you replace it--and of course post results below!
- so, that is what I am going to do. My battery's negative terminal is stamped with 3405, so my battery is now over 6 years old. I am certainly willing to replace the battery before trying this DIY. I will reply here once I complete the battery replacement.