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Originally Posted by dsbj View Post
Awesome work! Love it. Did you remove the OE front undertray or does this mount onto that? Also, what is this made of? When the front hits something, is it cheap to repair or replace?
Thanks! For now the rear of section of the front undertray is retained; as the splitter can only be 4 feet long (they don't make ABS sheets larger than that). Eventually ALL of these parts will be molded/vacuformed and made with carbonfiber. Then itll be possible to make them any size.

Even with many parts being carbon, I'll likely keep the front splitter 3/8" ABS Plastic as it is rigid, yet flexible and cheap. (It is only 1/8" plastic now; so it needs to get a bit thicker and protrude out farther for the actual track use)

Originally Posted by jbass524 View Post
A Vorsteiner vented hood? I feel this should really be in your plan to help extract heat from the engine bay assuming you're running hot.
That is definitely on my wish list at the moment. A vented hood will definitely help with heat, and reduce some drag at the same time. Doing that will also allow me to seal off the hood-windsheild gap; further improving aero. And yes, I'm running very hot...oil temps easily being 280* w/o meth....even with the AR Oil cooler. With meth Oil temp stays around 265ish.