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Originally Posted by jbass524 View Post
Take it from someone who has had one, the AR cooler is almost useless. If you haven't read the sticky on Limp mode party at the track you should.

Here's the solution anyone tracking as much as you should have:
  • Evolution Racewerks Competition or Stett dual oil coolers
  • Aftermarket radiator w/higher capacity if you can find one
  • Distilled water with MOCOOL

You already have the other stuff.

Our cars suffer from horrid cooling and the coolant water is ignored when it should be a focus. That's why the distilled water and a big radiator if you can find one.

The hood will help too.
Thanks. I have been eyeing up the ER dual core setup for a while too; and actually saw it for the first time about a week after I got the first AR Oil cooler.

I'll likely swap out the OEM oil cooler for a better core and see how that goes.

I've already got pure distilled with RL's Water Wetter in the radiator; and wouldn't hesitate to buy an aftermarket aluminum radiator...if there was one and it was under $1k. AR had made one, but I don't think they plan on producing it anymore.