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Originally Posted by BrianMN View Post
Thanks. I have been eyeing up the ER dual core setup for a while too; and actually saw it for the first time about a week after I got the first AR Oil cooler.

I'll likely swap out the OEM oil cooler for a better core and see how that goes.

I've already got pure distilled with RL's Water Wetter in the radiator; and wouldn't hesitate to buy an aftermarket aluminum radiator...if there was one and it was under $1k. AR had made one, but I don't think they plan on producing it anymore.
I went through all of this and I highly suggest just losing the AR OC. Really. It blocks precious radiator area and isn't big enough to do what our cars need. It's also not fully exposed. The ER solution has ducting specifically designed for it for maximum air flow and you get all of your radiator back.

No more hijacking your aero thread. Apologies.