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Originally Posted by BrianMN View Post
Haha no worries; this is the exact stuff I like to discuss.

I do agree the ER is ideal; just trying to see what I can do before shelling out the ca$h for it. In my opinion the area blocking the radiator is not large enough/blocking enough to make it noticeable. Air still flows through it just fine; and at speed that is a lot of cold air.
You gotta trust me. I made the mistakes and so have others - orionredwing for one. Not enough air to the radiator. Don't discount how important coolant/water temps are alleviating heat soak as much as possible is. To qualify, with stock power I have gone 1:47 at Laguna, 1:57 Infineon, 2:06 Thunderhill (w/bypass). Not great but I do drive hard.