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Originally Posted by jbass524 View Post
You gotta trust me. I made the mistakes and so have others - orionredwing for one. Not enough air to the radiator. Don't discount how important coolant/water temps are alleviating heat soak as much as possible is. To qualify, with stock power I have gone 1:47 at Laguna, 1:57 Infineon, 2:06 Thunderhill (w/bypass). Not great but I do drive hard.
The strange thing is though- Water temps are usually in check...right around 195-205*F. The water temp did not go up AT ALL with the addidition of the Oil cooler..same track, same ambient temp...that absolutely leads me to believe that the oil cooler does not effect or impede water temps.

Do you have data that shows otherwise?

Hope I'm not coming off as argumentative...just trying to advance the topic