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I don't have data other than limping due to oil temps with the AR and it wasn't a fuel pump, turbo or anything else that caused the limps, session after session. Ambient was under 70 at Laguna and I couldn't get more than 5 laps in. That's less than 10 minutes of driving.

We have also deduced that the water temps suffer as much as oil temps in our cars and the AR inhibits that cooling while only being marginally effective as an additional oil cooler. You can find a thread on checking temps and it's in the limp mode party sticky.

The other potential is that because ambient temps in MN are low and you're not driving as hard as you could the car never gets that hot. We have found that many that don't have a problem aren't going that fast. How do your times compare with the pro Miata drivers...seriously. Just trying to help and be deductive.

For this discussion you should take it to the limp mode sticky. It's been covered in great detail over and over.