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Originally Posted by jbass524 View Post
I don't have data other than limping due to oil temps with the AR and it wasn't a fuel pump, turbo or anything else that caused the limps, session after session. Ambient was under 70 at Laguna and I couldn't get more than 5 laps in. That's less than 10 minutes of driving.

We have also deduced that the water temps suffer as much as oil temps in our cars and the AR inhibits that cooling while only being marginally effective as an additional oil cooler. You can find a thread on checking temps and it's in the limp mode party sticky.

The other potential is that because ambient temps in MN are low and you're not driving as hard as you could the car never gets that hot. We have found that many that don't have a problem aren't going that fast. How do your times compare with the pro Miata drivers...seriously. Just trying to help and be deductive.

For this discussion you should take it to the limp mode sticky. It's been covered in great detail over and over.
Haha, almost all of the track days last year were in the 80s or 90s. And yes, the car was absolutely getting pushed hard. For comparisons' sake; I can pull consistent RA Lap times in the high 2:20s at Road America...Spec miatas are around 2:45. Not to sound like a D-Bag; but I'm able to dice with GT3s with very accomplished Porsche Club of America instructors and former ALMS drivers; and consistently 8-15 seconds faster than most of the other non-track prepped E46 and E90 M3s. So suffice it to say I doubt it is possible to push the car harder than I am. I realize that sounds like a total bro thing to say; but it's the facts.

That said, my results simply show different than yours. My water temps are never higher than 210, and that water temp was unaffected by the addition of the AR Oil Cooler. I realize that theory would suggest that the water temps would go up; but the fact is that the radiator isn't "blocked", rather the air is simply slowed down and heated up a little prior to going through the radiator in the area the oil cooler is.

After upgrading the OEM oil cooler, (assuming I see no major difference in Oil Temps), I'll undoubtedly place a second core in the drivers side wheel well.

Ideally the goal I'd like to get to is 250*. As mentioned, meth has brought temps down from 285 to I guess I simply don't know what to expect with the additional oil cooling at the moment.

Regarding your limps: I assume you were pulling the codes? There are a handful of other things that can cause a limp other than oil temps and HPFP. 30FE and 30FF are ones that happened to every one of the 4 local 335s their first times at the track; simply due to the heat causing the rear wastegate sticking. Also VANOS codes pop up upon high heat as well. What were your oil temps getting to? Was everything going normal, then suddenly goes into limp? The reason I ask is because boost will taper down significantly before limp sets in. So you should've been able to realize that is happening then take a cool down lap or something.

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